Excerpt from Chapter 1

Published January 17, 2017

The Family Business: Part 2 | Omari Crump Sr.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Kenyatta , now fifteen years old, was born in Atlanta, Georgia.
Her parents, Supreme and Jessica, were both killed
when she was seven years old, so her Uncle Ryheem took her in
,. She stayed with him for about a year before she decided to
move in with her grandma Hazel in Long Island ,, New York ..

Kenyatta was in her bed asleep until she woke up to her
alarm clock going off at 6:30a.m. , Kenyatta immediately turned
off the alarm clock ,, then she got up out of the bed, and she went
straight to the bathroom. She, then took a shower , and finished
preparing herself for the day ..

When Kenyatta finished getting ready, it was only 7:15 ,, and
her school bus doesn’t usually come until 7:45 ,, so she went
into the living room ,, and turned on the television, and started
watching cartoons ..