Excerpt from Chapter 2 – “Three months later”

Published January 20, 2017

The Family Business: Part 2 | Omari Crump Sr.

Excerpt from Chapter 2 – “Three months later”

Not even a whole two weeks after Ryheem gave Kenyatta
the Mercedes Benz, Kenyatta had already found a weed connect, and
started selling it ..

It was Sunday night, and Kenyatta was out riding around, making
weed sells. Kenyatta’s cellphone started ringing, so she grabbed it off of
the hand rest, pushed the send button, and put it to her ear ..

“Hello?”, Kenyatta said into the phone.

“What’s up, Kenyatta?”, This is Amber,” Amber said on the other
end ..

“My homey!, What’s up Amber?”!”

“Plotting on getting money, as always. , How ‘bout that guy name Milton,
that I’ve been telling you about. , You know the one who I’ve only been
seeing for about a week now??” Amber said.