Excerpt from Chapter 5 – “One Week Later”

Published January 29, 2017

The Family Business: Part 2 | Omari Crump Sr.

Excerpt from Chapter 5 – “One Week Later”

Kenyatta grabbed her two suitcases full of money off of her
bed ,, then she walked downstairs to the living room ,, where
her Uncle Ryheem was sitting on the couch waiting on her ..

“You ready ??” Ryheem asked ..

“Yeah, let’s roll ,,” Kenyatta answered ..

Kenyatta and Ryheem left out of the house through the side
door to the garage ,. Kenyatta got inside of the Suburban ,, and
Ryheem got inside of the Hummer ,. They both cranked the
engines ,, backed out of the garage ,, and drove straight to the
private airport ..

When Ryheem and Kenyatta got to the private airport ,, they
parked the vehicles ,, then got out ,, and walked over to Ryheem’s
jet ,, where the pilot, Ray, was standing ,, smoking a Cuban cigar ..