Third Excerpt from Chapter 5 – “One Week Later”

Published February 4, 2017

The Family Business: Part 2 | Omari Crump Sr.

Third Excerpt from Chapter 5 – “One Week Later”

When Carlos finished weighing everything out, in front of
Kenyatta , and Ryheem , Kenyatta handed him her suitcases full of
money ,. Then Carlos had some of his men bring his stretch
Hummer jeep around to the storage building ,, and they loaded
all of Kenyatta’s drugs inside of it ..

After the men finished loading everything inside of the
stretch Hummer ,, Kenyatta , and Ryheem both thanked Carlos ,, and
they all said their goodbyes ,. Then Kenyatta and Ryheem got
inside of the Hummer jeep ,, and the chauffeur drove them back
to Ryheem’s jet at the private runway ..

When they arrived at the private runway ,, the chauffeur
parked beside of the jet ,, then they all got out , and started
loading all the drugs inside of the jet ,. After they finished loading
everything, Ryheem , and Kenyatta thanked the chauffeur again
,, then they walked back onto the jet ,, and closed the door
behind them ..