Excerpt from Chapter 7 – “Two weeks later”

Published February 10, 2017

The Family Business: Part 2 | Omari Crump Sr.

Excerpt from Chapter 7 – “Two weeks later”

The truck driver closed the door ,, then he walked inside of
Rick’s jewelry store ..

Kenyatta got up off of the bench real quick ,, and ran over
to the truck, and got inside of it,. Then she started driving off ..

The truck took off slow ,, and all of a sudden ,, Kenyatta saw
the truck driver come running out of the store ,. but Kenyatta
kept changing gears ,, and when the truck driver got close to
the door ,, Kenyatta pulled her pistol out , and pointed it at the
truck driver’s face out the window ,. He turned around real quick
, and ran back towards Rick’s store ..

Kenyatta sat her pistol down on the seat beside her ,, and
she continued to switch gears and drive faster ..