Second Excerpt from Chapter 8 – “Five days later”

Published February 16, 2017

The Family Business: Part 2 | Omari Crump Sr.

Second Excerpt from Chapter 8 – “Five days later”

The chauffeur cranked the engine , and drove off slowly ..

“Thanks again for everything, Carlos ,. I’ll be in touch ,,” Kenyatta
said as she waved out the window ..

“Okay ,,” Carlos said ,, as him and Altrez waved back at Kenyatta ..
The chauffeur drove straight back to the private airport ,. When
they got there, the chauffeur opened the door for Kenyatta ,,
then he loaded all of Kenyatta’s work on the jet ,. After he finished
loading everything ,, Kenyatta gave him a one hundred dollar
tip ,, then she walked onto the jet and took her seat ,. and
Ray started the jet engine , and took off into the air ..

When they arrived at the private airport in Atlanta ,, Kenyatta
thanked Ray and gave him his pay ,, then Ray got inside
of his car and left ,. Moments after Ray left ,, Amber , and Erika
pulled up beside the jet in two O-Haul trucks ..