Second Excerpt from Chapter 9 – “Two weeks later”

Published February 22, 2017

The Family Business: Part 2 | Omari Crump Sr.

Second Excerpt from Chapter 9 – “Two weeks later”

Ryheem and Kenyatta got out , and walked inside of the bank
,. Over the next hour,

Kenyatta opened up a checking , and savings account ,. She
deposited eleven million in her savings , and one million dollars in
her checking ..

The next day Kenyatta bought a building ,, and she got the
four million dollars’ worth of jewelry out of her storage , and
took it to her building to set up her displays ,. and She also
had a big sign made professionally that says “Kenyatta’s Jewelry
Shop” that she had to put up ,. She planned to have it placed at the
top of her building ..

Kenyatta also bought a big house right outside of Atlanta , and she
bought some very nice furniture to put inside of it ..